The ONLY known DINOSAUR STAMPEDE on the planet! Lark Quarry, Queensland

WHO has been to the ONLY known DINOSAUR STAMPEDE on the planet?  And if you haven’t been, WHO wants to GO?


Here’s the story…   95 million years ago, the dry and harsh lands of Outback Queensland, was once a LUSH freshwater river plain.

One day, at least 150 dinosaurs the sizes of chickens and emus (from two different species) were gathering together, likely drinking at a lake.  When all of a sudden a larger carnivorous dinosaur came onto the scene, first stalking the smaller dinosaurs, and then turning and charging!!

How do they know this, because the story has been etched in stone and uncovered for everyone to now see.  All 3,300 footprints as evidence of the chaotic attack which makes it the only recorded dinosaur stampede at the National Dinosaur Stampede, Lark Quarry Qld

It was incredible, very suitable for families (especially those looking at gaining education while they are there) and has been on our MUST DO’s for years!!!!  Absolutely worth the 110km detour from Winton.

To visit, take the gravel Winton-Jundah Road.  2 wheel drive may be possible, but 4wd recommended.  Along the way, there is some worthy detours of Lawrence Lookout where you can find your own fossilised poo (seriously its everywhere and we had it examined by a palaeontologist)!  Also Bladenburg Homestead is worth the detour and for the photographers at heart, Cork Homestead would make some incredible photo opportunities.

SO WHO has visited?
AND WHO now wants to go exploring this special place for yourself?

Click on the photos below to have a full description and please feel free to leave us a comment below.


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