Travel Hack – Kids safety and increased independence

Mr ‘almost 9’ has demonstrated his maturity many, many times to us over the past few months, but we obviously still worry about outside sources when giving him his much needed and deserved independence.

However, we have found using these 

Hand Held UHF’s can take some of that extra worry away. 

Using these, we can let Rob head off for a bike ride, walk or meet up with a friend, and the moment he feels unsafe or we worry, we can be in direct contact with him.  Now these little UHFs are different to the standard open channel units installed in cars, 4×4’s and trucks.  These operate solely on a closed channel so unless someone owns the same unit and are on the same channel, the conversation is most likely to be private.

The added bonus is the kids love these little units and have become a great toy to keep the kids entertained (double purpose!).   They seem to be a favourite when playing with other kids they meet, and they also get to learn correct radio protocol at the same time! Although it did take Miss 5 a long time to figure out who ‘Roger’ was!

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