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“THEN one day, our children were adults”. This heart hitting quote from our next guest posters, Our Wayfaring Life, continues to resonate with me deeply over and over again.

Right there in that simple, yet well-versed sentence is the core of why WE travel with our young family. Life moves way too quickly for regrets or to be living more in your head then your “authentic life” as Our Wayfaring Life call it.

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Come walk in our shoes and “live your authentic life, making your time, health and relationships your absolute priority”.


Meet Our Wayfaring Life 

We are Daryl and Emma in our 40s and married for fifteen years.

Chika is our six-year-old Border Collie who we adopted two years ago, just before we started making plans to travel. The three of us started to travel full time on 27 November 2017, living and traveling in our 1994 Viscount Pop Top caravan towed by our 2002 Pajero 4WD.

We are budget-conscious, free spirited travellers. We aim to live simply with few possessions, to make the most of what is important – our time especially with each other enjoying and making the most of the opportunities and experiences that come our way. 

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How did you get into inspiring people?

Our blog, Our Wayfaring Life, aims to show that full time travel around Australia (and overseas some time in the future) is possible on a budget. We share what we do and see, and share the practical things we do to make this travel life possible in the hope we can inspire others.


Then one day, our children were adults.

A love of travel is something we share and has been an important part of our lives together. When raising our children, even in the years we scrapped together our money week to week to pay our bills, we always made some travel each year a priority.

We bush camped, stayed in motels and resorts and sometimes travelled overseas, sharing time and experiences together as a family in ways only travel can provide. 

Then one day, our children were adults. We realised we had had enough of our stressful jobs and when Emma had a bout of depression we knew some dramatic changes to our lives was both possible and necessary.

With our love of travel, it came about that one day just like that we made the decision to give travel full time a go and set about making it happen.

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What we’d say to others is..

Travel, especially full time travel isn’t for everyone but we would say is this – your time, your health and your relationships are (in our opinion) your most valuable possessions. Travel for us allows us to use our time as we wish, is hugely beneficial to our health and lets us truly nurture our relationship with each other and others who we love and are important to us.

What we would say to others is find your way of life or living that lets you live your authentic life, making your most valued possessions (time, health and relationships) your absolute priority.

It can feel frightening but truly what we really want is often on the other side of what we fear. We can not state strongly enough how much better your life will be if you take the risk and go for the life that will make you truly content.


Turning Dreams To Reality

Once the decision was made to travel full time, we then got busy turning the decision into a reality. The way possible to do this – we made a plan and every single day we did something to make our plan a reality. Actually there was a fair bit to be done, packing up the house was a major task.

Also, we had to save money. We decided that we wanted to have enough in savings to travel for a year before we had to look for work to fund our travels. So we set a saving target, brutally cut down our week to week spending and saved like crazy.  

We had allowed ourselves eighteen months but reached it in just nine months. Having that year just to travel was wonderful!


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Our Wayfaring Plans

Twelve months travelling has come and gone, and so has our savings.

Currently, we are parked up at a friend’s place near Brisbane, working and again saving like crazy. Again, we are saving to travel for another year but this time in just a few months. We think this is achievable because now we have few living expenses.

In the meantime, we are making the most of our time venturing out to see the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions.  Then next, when we move on from Brisbane, we plan to zig zag our way up through Queensland for about two years, seeing as much of the state as we can.

The beauty of life on the road is that we can be flexible and our plans are constantly changing.

In the end who really knows, we are open to what comes our way

I say true happiness is being sent your way Our Wayfaring Life!


Have a Question For Our Travelers?

Thank you for sharing your story Our Wayfaring Life. Your story and reasons for travel truly resonating with me as they are so similar to our own.

Do you have a question for Daryl and Emma? Maybe you want to know their favourite budgeters tip? How restrictive it is with travelling with a pet? Or the nitty gritty details on how they finally escaped the rat race? Ask them here. Daryl and Emma will respond!

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Australian Travel Blogs

Thanks for reading. My name is Noela, and I’m a self-confessed travel fanatic and unshakeable optimist!

3 years of full-time travel, 7 different countries, 2 incredible childhoods – and we’re nowhere near done! We wanted to not waste a moment of our kids’ childhood, live a life with no regrets and were prepared to jump out of our comfort level to do it!

We budget, we adventure, and love nothing more than the feeling a fresh adventure and dirt beneath our toes.

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