Travel With Kids

Holidaying with kids, regardless of the duration, gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to be fully engaged, present in the moment and just simply enjoy the time you have with your kids. We all know that deep down, they grow up way too quick, but holidays and travelling means we get to watch them learn, grow, thrive and play often.

We will not lie to you, travelling with kids will never be as relaxing as a solo venture to a Balinese health spa, but we argue equally not as fun or memorable either!

Below you find all our advice and tips to make Travelling with Kids the most enjoyable.  Most of which comes down to you, being prepared!  Travelling with Kids and Educating Kids on the Road is our passion, if you don’t find certain info here, connect with us on Social Media.

How to Travel Oz and stay Happy and Healthy

Free camping, travelling around Australia and unlimited holidays with kids really does sound like the dream life.  What could possibly go wrong?  But to travel Oz and to stay both happy and healthy requires some helpful advice.

Autumn from Nourished Wanderings shares with us her TOP 6 TIPS to keep your belly trim, your finances in order and happiness of the family front and centre.


Courtesy Nourished Wanderings and Iam Fearless Soul


Hi, I am Autumn from the Nourished Wandering blog. 

We’ve been travelling since January 2017 and have learnt some great lessons about life and staying healthy on the road during this time.

The travelling lifestyle has so many benefits; stress levels are low, you are more active and you are spending time exploring and having fun with the people you love the most….what a winning combination!

However, there are a few things that can upset that beautiful balance…too many convenience foods, too many happy hours and stress over sticking to your budget to name a few.

I have written 6 easy steps that will keep you Happy and Healthy while travelling around Australia.  


1.  Just because it fits doesn’t mean you need it.

Six months into our trip we upgraded from a camper trailer to a caravan.  This move has been incredible. 

However, I very quickly fell into the trap of filling the extra space with ‘stuff’.  My new fridge and freezer were easily double the size of what I had previously, and I just kept filling it.

All of a sudden our grocery bill had blown out to $290/week, close to half our total budget and while we were eating like royalty it was definitely not sustainable.

Lesson One:  Don’t fill your extra space with ‘stuff’.

BABINDA, QLD – Free camping views at its finest

2.  Keep it Simple

We needed to make some changes, which was hard for this self-confessed ‘foodie’.  But ‘simple’ works so much better on the road; fewer ingredients, less time preparing & less stress.

I aim to do a cook every second day for dinner.  A kilogram of mince full of veg covers us for burritos one night, and spag bol the next.  A whole boiled chook will give us chicken noodle soup, and then enough meat for lunch wraps, chicken & bacon pasta and another meal of chicken fried rice.

Lesson Two:  “‘Simple’ works so much better on the road; fewer ingredients, less time preparing & less stress”.


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3.  Make a plan

Whatever your food budget is, stick to it.  Have a plan how to use all your fresh ingredients each week and don’t let them go to waste.

If you aren’t going to use it, chop it up and freeze it for another time. I love a good ‘pot luck’ curry for the last of the carrots, potatoes and veg! 

Plan your lunches as well, it will save you so many $$.  We tend to go in waves.  Wraps, rice paper rolls, rice cakes with sardines, veg & meat platter, salads…then repeat 🙂

Lesson Three:   “Whatever your food budget is, stick to it”. 


4.  Choose ‘honest’ food every time

Honest food doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.  It doesn’t have ingredients is THE ingredients.

If you have a good selection of herbs, spice mixes and basics like tomato paste, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, curry paste you can make pretty much anything. The ready made packets from the supermarket just don’t compare in taste or anywhere near the nutrition.

Snacks can be a tough one.  We tend to go for fruit, nuts, rice crackers, yoghurt and popcorn etc.  

Travelling around you get first dibs on all the beautiful local produce.  We are currently loving the huge punnets of raspberries in Tassie that we could never afford on the mainland.

Lesson Four:  “Choose ‘honest’ food”.

5.  Move every single day

I have been having so much fun actually playing with the kids this trip.  This is something I never felt like I had enough time to do at home.

The boys’ current favourite is cricket which can be played just about anywhere (so I’ve found out). We also aim to include a bush walk or a bike ride in our sightseeing plans as often as we can.  Parkrun every Saturday too. 

But exercise is as simple as taking a walk around your campsite and having a sticky beak at others setups (we can’t be the only ones who love that?).

Lesson Five:  “Just move”.


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6.  Happy Hour

It’s hard not to join in nightly Happy Hour sometimes.  In fact, I think we went 2 months without missing a happy hour at the start of our trip.

I never drink every day at home and I certainly wasn’t feeling my best after a while, especially with happy hour snacks thrown into the mix.  Did I mention that alcohol is also bloody expensive, especially when you get to some of the more remote destinations? 

To compromise, at least a couple of times a week, my happy hour drink of choice is mineral water…saves money and my liver 🙂

Lesson Six:  “Cut down on HAPPY HOURS and save your money and your liver!”.

The Biggest Travel Oz Lesson:  Autumn from Nourished Wanderings

My biggest lesson so far is that we should have hit the road as soon as we first started thinking about it. 

We wasted 5 years trying to decide if we could make it work, and the truth is that you CAN make it work.  Whatever your budget, whatever your time frame, you just have to get out there and do it!


GUEST POST by Autumn of Nourished Wanderings 

Autumn travels with her two children and husband.  She has a very positive and inspirational blog that we love to follow that focuses on family, embracing life and of course nutrition.  Thanks Autumn for contributing.  Safe travels… Noela


Learn the six tips to make free camping, travelling around Australia and holidays with kids, the healthiest and happiest they can be.


Travel Hack – Kids safety and increased independence

Mr ‘almost 9’ has demonstrated his maturity many, many times to us over the past few months, but we obviously still worry about outside sources when giving him his much needed and deserved independence.

However, we have found using these 

Hand Held UHF’s can take some of that extra worry away. 

Using these, we can let Rob head off for a bike ride, walk or meet up with a friend, and the moment he feels unsafe or we worry, we can be in direct contact with him.  Now these little UHFs are different to the standard open channel units installed in cars, 4×4’s and trucks.  These operate solely on a closed channel so unless someone owns the same unit and are on the same channel, the conversation is most likely to be private.

The added bonus is the kids love these little units and have become a great toy to keep the kids entertained (double purpose!).   They seem to be a favourite when playing with other kids they meet, and they also get to learn correct radio protocol at the same time! Although it did take Miss 5 a long time to figure out who ‘Roger’ was!