Travelling around Australia : Meet the Australian Travel Blogs set on inspiring you in 2019!

“Three years, and we still haven’t finished a lap”. Words by our next guest posters whose Australian Travel Blog is run mainly by the incredibly talented 15-year-old son, Liam.

Four Hands in a Tin Can specialises in stunning aerial drone images and memorable outback tales to match. What we love most about following this travelling family is their passion for home education too! While we Home School our kids, Four Hands in a Tin Can carry out Distance Education with their clever kids.

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Still all smiles even after three years on the road.
Join the adventures with Four Hands in a Tin Can.

Meet Four Hands in a Tin Can

We are Pete, Annie, Liam and Mia.  As you can see, the first letters of all our names spell PALM, and that is how we created our blog name. 

We are a family of four, and in 2015 we decided we had had enough of the “traditional life” and so in January 2016, we took off in our caravan for a 12 month trip around Australia.  That 12 months has turned into three years, and we are still going.

Our 15 year old is our main blogger.  He loves creating content that showcases how awesome Australia is, from the adventures we have; to sunsets, the fauna and flora and everything in between.


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Why Did You Start travelling?

We have learnt that everyone has a story about why those chose to travel, and I guess we are no different. 

We had, in a three year period, Pete’s brother die from a massive heart attack, lost Pete’s dad from cancer, Annie’s mum had bowel cancer (thankfully is in remission now), her dad had lung cancer (again thankfully in remission) and Pete had open heart surgery for a collapsed Mitral valve in his heart. 

Pete and Annie were also both diagnosed with PTSD and retired injured from their roles in the NSW Police.  Liam was being bullied at school due to his parents roles in the NSW Police, and we were all very unhappy people. 

Change was needed, and the first change was to move away from the town we were living in.  This move morphed into travelling Australia and has helped us grow, change and come to terms with the events that led to this adventure.


What We’d Say To Others…

If travelling is something you really want to do, then you need to find a way to do it that will be a positive impact on you and your family.  We have met families where travelling full time was not positive for their kids, or they just couldn’t deal with the constant changes and challenges, and travelling became a burden. 

Remember, travelling full time like we do is not for everyone, but travelling and experiencing Australia in short trips can be achieved. 

Try weekends, a few weeks and even a couple of months before committing to the lifestyle.  It takes time to adjust to the confined space, and there is no point jumping into full time travel if you are not going to cope as a family. 

You do not need to time your travels for before the kids go to school. We successfully school our children on the road, at both high school and primary school level.


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How Did We Make Our Dream Happen?

Our dream happened because WE made it happen.  It wasn’t due to good luck, but good management of funds and investments.  This allowed us to make the decision and be on the road 6 months later. 

We are in a position where we do not need to work to fund out trip, but we would if things changed or something took our interest. 


Where To Next?

We want to actually finish the lap of Australia before we think about travelling anywhere else, and no, even after three years, we have not yet finished a lap. 

We have zig zagged Australia as we love what the inland areas have to offer as much as the coast.  So, our fourth year on the road will see us explore Tasmania, more of the red centre and the Queensland Coast.


One Incredible Family! Do You Have A Question For Them?

Thank you for sharing your story Pete, Annie, Liam and Mia!

Following the drone videos and travel tales of 15-year-old Liam of the Four Hands in a Tin Can Facebook blog, is a true adventure on its own!

If you have been following our blog for a while, you will know we are all about Kids, Education and Adventure – exactly like Four Hands In a Tin Can! Lost and Loving It and Four Hands in a Tin Can will be travelling up the Australia Red Centre at the same time next year. Wouldn’t that be SPESH if we did it together !!!

Do you have a question for Four Hands in a Tin Can? Maybe you want to know their favourite tip on setting up a travelling rig? Their most favourite place in all of Australia so far. Or, if you like me, how did that first conversation go when young Liam was given permission to operate a $2,000 drone !!

Ask your questions here. Four Hands in a Tin Can will respond!


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Australian Travel Blogs

Thanks for reading. My name is Noela, and I’m a self-confessed travel fanatic and unshakeable optimist!

3 years of full-time travel, 7 different countries, 2 incredible childhoods – and we’re nowhere near done! We wanted to not waste a moment of our kids’ childhood, live a life with no regrets and were prepared to jump out of our comfort level to do it!

We budget, we adventure, and love nothing more than the feeling a fresh adventure and dirt beneath our toes.

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  1. Joe, you are too funny. Liam saved for his $2000 drone by selling his stories and photos to magazines. He was selling images and stories at 13 years of age, and bought his drone just before he turned 14. Quite a feat for a kid on the road. It makes us very proud as parents that he is a published writer, and has sold images to publications from around the world.
    I still cringe and cover my eyes when flies over water.

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