Travelling Australia With Kids : Meet the Australian Travel Blogs set on inspiring you in 2019!

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Mandy from Travelling Australia with Kids is one of the original travel blogs for planning a great Australia Road Trip. The TAWK website is packed filled with information and we love what she does so much for other families, that we even are a TAWK Featured Family!

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Have you heard of TAWK?

My name is Mandy Farabegoli and waaay back in 2010 I set off with hubby and 3 kids for a 1 year trip around Australia.  It turned into a 2-year trip!

Back then (sounding old!!), there was not all the travel blogs that there are now, and not much information for families that might like to do the lap. So Travel Australia With Kids was born to help other families. Being one of the original blogs in the field we offer everything that you need to get started on your trip.

The TAWK Guide to travelling Australia with your kids is a guide with information from real families that share their thoughts on what you need for your trip.


Making dreams a reality

We started camping because we had little money and with the kids all small thought this was a good option for us.  We loved it and the idea was born to travel the country. 

Then we lost a close friend to cancer and we knew we had to make our dream come true now, not later as you never know; later may never come.


What we’d say to others…

Time is a gift we all have to give.  Give this gift of time to your kids. 

Get to know them, get to know each other and get to know yourself.  Back to basics will help you do all of this and a basic life on the road will change you forever for the better.


How did we make our dream happen?

We just decided to go, hubby is handy (!?! 😉 ) and we stopped and worked as often as we could. Our van cost $6000!!  Oldie, but a goldie. 

We made the decision to go and then just made it work.  Hubby always says “The decision is the hardest part, once made, everything will fall into place” and it did.

TAWK is the original Australian Travel Blog!


Do you have a question for TAWK?

Thank you Mandy for sharing your story and inspiration with us? We especially love all the free information you provide on your website and your TAWK Membership Card that truly has benefited so many families to travel with kids more!


Do you have a question for Mandy? The TAWK crew have finished the whole lap of Oz!

Maybe you want to know her all-time favourite place to visit? Or her top tips on starting a travel blog? Either way, send her some support for her wonderful achievement on setting up the TAWK Membership Card program.

Ask your questions here. Mandy will respond!


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