Turning a travel dream to reality with Kids : Meet the Australian Travel Blogs set on inspiring you in 2019!

Disillusioned by missing out on the best years of your children’s lives, families are turning to an Australian Road Trip gap year (or two!), as a happier and better alternative to building stronger families.

Just like our next guest posters Trekking Downunder, who were determined to “not miss everything about their boys growing up”.

They packed up their lives, sold their dream home and are set on inspiring you to travel more with kids in 2019. READ MORE about their story below.




Meet Trekking Downunder

We are a quirky family of 5 who absolutely love the outback and remote locations.

We sold up in the majestic Blue Mountains in search of something new from life. After making the decision and taking the plunge we decided to create our travel blog website and brand to inspire more people to cut the cord to the norm and reclaim the life we are meant to want and chase.

We would love everyone to experience a life of freedom and family.


How did you get started?

We chose to leave on this epic adventure after Ryan had realised, any longer working the hours he was he’d miss everything about our boys growing up and wouldn’t be able to get the years back.

Travelling Australia was not something that ever crossed Amy’s mind but always something Ryan had dreamed of.

But it wasn’t until after our first family get-a-way in years to Fraser Island (In Easter 2016), where we decided; fresh start, new home, an extra family addition.


What we’d say to others

It’s often asked- what would you say to others- for us it’s simple….. Follow us, see what we do, do what we do- it’s not rocket science, it’s not amazingly hard, it’s about taking a dream and making it the plan.


From dream to reality…

For us it was about selling our dream home, selling all our surplus stuff and living more simply.

We rented whilst the house settled and we got ready to roll. We did add having a baby in there as part of Amy’s trip leverage to selling her dream house, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We found the actions we took in getting ready were the best life changes we ever made, and now we simply just live.


Where to next?

Originally it was a 9-12 month trip….. So far it’s been an incredible 9 months on the road. Early on, we felt like we’d hardly touched Eastern Australia and we‘d never be able to fit in all of Oz in 12 months, so we took off the end date.

It looks like we’ve got at least another 2 or so years up our sleeves, to keep our arms open to opportunity and our feet dirty.


1 incredible Family! Have a question?

Thank you for sharing your story, Ryan and Amy. Just like us, we are determined to not miss out on our kids’ childhood on unhappy jobs, excess debt and ultimately what felt like the mundane to us. Today we adventure and truly embrace our lives too. We have found a happier alternative, and we hope other families like us, do too!


Do you have a question for Ryan and Amy? Maybe you want to know their favourite tips on travelling with kids? How do they afford to travel? Or even there most favourite family-friendly camping spot they have found so far! Ask them here. Ryan and Amy will respond!


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