Ultimate Australia road trip : Meet the Australian Travel Blogs set on inspiring you!

Deciding when to start travelling full-time is a difficult and individual decision to make. You may want to leave immediately, but there are many factors you will need to consider in planning your lap of Oz, especially if you have teenage children.

For our next guest posters All Around Oz, they took 5 years to plan for their big Australia Road Trip and waited for their kids to finish school. During their time planning and preparing they also created an interactive and large Facebook group to help YOU with Planning a Lap of Australia – Hints and Tips .

All Around Oz is leaving on their big Australia Road Trip this year! Follow them along and READ MORE about how they are set on inspiring you to live your travel dreams in 2019.



The open roads awaits. Join our adventures All Around Oz.


Meet All Around Oz

Hi… we are Brenden and Mel from All Around Oz.  We are a husband and wife team and we have been travelling together for over 20 years.


How we inspire you…

We started our blog to share our travel experiences and to also inspire others to travel as well. We are not a young travelling family, but don’t consider ourselves old enough to be ‘Grey Nomads’ either.

Brenden has a lot of technical experience when it comes to vehicles and happily shares his knowledge. He also flies ‘drones’ and is fully licenced and can teach as well.

I just love to write and I try to write as if I was personally telling you about a place we have visited.

We also love supporting and promoting small businesses that operate in the tourism sector. Our favourite places to visit are definitely the smaller towns that you find off the main roads.


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Dreams to reality

We decided in about 2014 that once our kids had finished school, that we wanted to travel indefinitely and we have been planning for that ever since. 2019 will see us set off with no return date in mind (or sight).


We would tell others…

Perhaps the biggest thing that holds people back from travelling is money.

Spend time getting your finances sorted out and deciding on what you will do with large assets like houses. Do your research when it comes time to purchase your travelling home.

We have worked hard over the last four years to pay down debt, often working extra hours and making do with what we already had. We even moved into the garage so as we could rent out a bedroom to our daughters’ friend.

If you want to make it happen, do anything you can to facilitate it.  


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Where next for All Around Oz?

Our first stop in 2019 will be the Australian Motorhoming Lions Club World Record Attempt for the Longest Line of Caravans in Barcaldine, Qld.

Then, who knows where the wide open road may take us!


Have a question for All Around Oz?

Thank you Brenden and Mel for sharing your story. This year is your year to launch an amazing full-time adventure All Around Oz. I’m truly excited for you! We love visiting, sharing and learning on the Planning a Lap of Australia – Hints and Tips Facebook group that Brenden and Mel run, and we hope you do too!


Do you have a question for All Around Oz? Maybe you want to know their favourite tip of all time on planning a Lap of Australia? Their best budgeting tip?

Or even some tips and tricks on flying a drone? Ask them here. Brenden and Mel will respond!


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Australian Travel Blogs

Thanks for reading. My name is Noela, and I’m a self-confessed travel fanatic and unshakeable optimist!

3 years of full-time travel, 7 different countries, 2 incredible childhoods – and we’re nowhere near done! We wanted to not waste a moment of our kids’ childhood, live a life with no regrets and were prepared to jump out of our comfort level to do it!

We budget, we adventure, and love nothing more than the feeling a fresh adventure and dirt beneath our toes.

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