Visit a gorge, stay for free and enjoy cheap beers – Copperfield Gorge, Einasleigh Qld



Copperfield Gorge and Einasleigh, located south of Mt Surprise and on the way north from Porcupine Gorge in the Queensland Outback offers an off the beaten path gem of a place to visit with the whole family.

The gorge is Free to enter and can choose to take the easy 5 minute walk across the rocks to the top for a view above the gorge.  Or trek to the bottom for a serene sit amongst the cliffs which takes only an additional 20 minutes each way.  We choose to do both and the views were spectacular.

The single pub town, the Einasleigh Pub also offers a FREE overnight stay with a dinner or drink purchase (at the time of writing this) – because unfortunately the caravan park in town doesn’t allow children!  Not only will you be able to enjoy cheap beers ($4 for us!) at the Einasleigh Pub, you will also meet one of the friendliest and quirkiest publican you will EVER meet on your travellers.  



Just like other small towns, pop up event happen at random times that you just couldn’t have planned better.  For our visit, a travelling theatre company and astronomy group had combined and performed interactive plays and lessons on the Australian night skies!  With skies that wide with in-interrupted views we easily saw planets through their telescopes! 


Why visit here?

  • Scenic and peaceful
  • Free entry and free to stay.
  • Playground for the kids literally just over the fence!
  • Toilets and dump Point as well. 
  • And of course you can Fish! Seriously, what more could you want??


So surprised this is only 3 stars on WikiCamps!  This place gets a HUGE thumbs UP from us!







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