Watch the sun set over the Australian Outback Captain Starlights Lookout, Longreach

I thought we were suppose to teach our kids that crime doesn’t pay!

Captain Starlight, or Harry Redford the notorious Bushranger sent a man to the top of this lookout to keep a watch while he and his men stole 1,000 head of cattle!  Not a big enough feat already for stealing 1,000 beasts, he then took the epic journey of over landing them all the way from Longreach, Qld to South Australia to sell them!

Captain Starlight was caught when he returned to Sydney but, believe it or not, the jury were so impressed by what he had achieved, they let him go!!

To watch the sun set over the magnificient Queensland Outback from this Mesa rock formation, and even imagine the bushranger scene above, you will find this hidden gem approximately 40-50 minutes drive from Longreach.  Starlight’s Lookout is accessible from the dirt and gravel Muttaburra-Westside Road.

Grab an evening picnic and watch the sunset with only a 5-10 minute walk to the top that requires a medium fitness level and suitable footwear.

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