WEEK 26 /// Travel Australia with kids for only $500 per week

A $500 per week BUDGET for our FAMILY OF FOUR travelling Australia! 


READ OUR 6 MONTH BUDGET BELOW.  Tell us what you think?  How do we compare?
And WATCH our video on the past 6 months of our adventuring here:  http://bit.ly/2EWcpPO  Can you tell we’re having fun??

THE past six months of travelling has hands down been THE BEST TIMES OF OUR LIVES!!  The kids are incredibly happy, thriving and learning soooo much!  And the adults… are enjoying EVERY moment we have with our family and are not letting ANY opportunities for FUN, EDUCATION and ADVENTURE pass us by!  We absolutely LOVE this LIFE ! Best of all our budget is only 4500 per week!


Believe it or not, but we also live CHEAPER on the road, than in a house!!!  So here is our ‘on the road’ BUDGET!  We fully hope to inspire anyone, EVERYONE to get out here and see this amazing country.  Be sure to be following our Social Media, like, comment and share!  We love hearing from you all!

6 months since we left home budget:


We have travelled over 11,500kms in New South Wales and Queensland and spent $2,665 on our 200 Series V8 Diesel Landcruiser.  We tow a Goldstream, travel slow, off-road often and have been towing up a fair few mountain ranges!
We had a Diesel Re-Map and upgraded the exhaust for more power and better fuel consumption.

Fuel is $102 per week.



Healthy eating is extremely important to us! Lots of fruits, veggies, ‘healthy fat’ foods (ie salmon, nuts and avo) and simple & easy to prepare home-cooked main meals. We love tasty, but neither of us wants to cook for hours!
Our regular food bill has increased due to our 2 month+ stint in Outback Queensland.

Food for 4 people is currently $194 per week. Plus an additional $19 on takeaway per week.



Finally, we are lowering this one!  Must be getting used to living in a 5×2 metre enclosed space with kids!!!

Nectar of the gods and sanity saver is $40 per week



Being fully solar sufficient means we rarely NEED to plug into power. The BEST free camp over the past 6 months has been at Babinda, Qld and best National Park are Natone, right on the beach at Inskip Point, Qld! Heaven!

Accommodation is $29 per week



Travelling long term with kids, we love to invest our money for educational experiences, museums and unique places to visit. We search out the venues, read reviews and use discounts vouchers where possible! We also really love National Parks, community events, beaches, bush walks and sightseeing – all the free things in life!

Entertainment is $42 per week.



Travelling Outback Queensland means we didn’t have access to shops – good for the budget!
This is our everything else category and includes our mobile phone, a new satellite phone connection, irregular chemist, cheap books and a few random items.

On average, $29 per week.



What can go wrong will go wrong, and particularly in the first 6 months! Having a mechanic as a hubby has definitely saved us a small fortune though! Joe can fix almost anything! We’re due for a car service now (have the parts already), but what’s that saying about a mechanics car … ?!

Maintenance is still high at $49 per week


All up we are sitting at $504 per week. Our last published budget in July was $464 per week, so very clearly the higher costs for fuel and food for our 2 months in Outback Queensland has risen our overall costs. Still wouldn’t change a thing though! What an adventure! 


So over to you … What’re your thoughts?  Do you have any questions? 


500 per week

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