WEEK 27 – CAIRNS, QUEENSLAND /// Swimming in the waterfalls, learning on the road and travelling with kids

A week in our shoes – WEEK 27 !  (A video made and edited by the whole family, including the kids Lol)

Hold on tight and buckle up as we are a family that rarely sits still!

We are the glass is half full, live life to the fullest, don’t miss an opportunity and believe travel gives the best education, type of family.

We’ve been told our passion for travel is contagious – so if you have no interest in having fun, adventuring, living life, loving your family and experiencing incredible sights – then stop looking now!

These are our weeks highlights!
🌸 We arrived into Cairns, Qld
💕 Caught up with family
🗺 Permits approved so were going to Arnhem Land, NT
🦋 Awesome and a full day packed with all things Kuranda!
🚗 Random Act of Kindness – more helping out other travellers
👷 Follow Robs (Mr 8’s passion day lead us to an action packed trip in a APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier)
😲 Shopping, shopping and MORE shopping – so glad to not be seeing shops for a very long time
👍 We got magnets made and already four awesome families have stopped to say Hi!
🐠 Cairns Aquarium
🥘 Cooking and prepping for the long drive along the Savannah!
😬 Abby stacked it so many times this week
👙 Beat the humidity with lots of relaxing fresh water creek swims!

What do you think of our week?
How was yours?



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