Worldschooling Family : Meet the Australian Travel Blogs set on inspiring you in 2019!

“The best education I have ever received was through travel.” – Lisa Ling.

Travel the world, immerse yourself in its culture, geography, history and language – and in the process gain your best ‘real-life’ education possible. This is the ethos behind the modern and rapidly growing Worldschooling movement.

You know how much our family love Worldschooling, and now you can meet our good friends at Cake and Eat It 3 who also travel the world with their daughter in search for her best education.

READ MORE about how Cake and Eat It 3 are set on inspiring you to travel with kids in 2019.


Cake And Eat It 3

Conquering mountains in travels – Ben Nevis (Scotland, largest mountain in British Isle)


Meet Cake and Eat It 3

We all LOVE travelling, no surprises there!  Our daughters are one of the few that get excited the longer the flight or drive is LOL!  With over 20 years of travelling experience, there is a lot to share about our travels in Australia and overseas.  

We have tented, backpacked and love road tripping by campervan and Motorhome.  Now travelling fulltime, education plays a BIG part in our travels and our blog reflects that, sharing lots of resources for the whole family.  All of us really enjoy learning from cultures, places, people and the wonderful experiences and opportunities you are exposed to while travelling. 

All of us really enjoy learning from cultures, places, people and the wonderful experiences and opportunities you are exposed to while travelling. 


Travel makes you a better person.

There is an endless list of the benefits of travel, but in all seriousness, it makes you a better person.  Engaging in conversations in multiple languages, trying new foods, spending genuine time together as a family and actually being present. 

The adventure and constant excitement of new destinations to explore, we have packed up and hit the road multiple times and it was always just a matter of timing before we did it fulltime.


Events and Festivals Guide 2019 Australia

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Do your research, be comfortable – and own it!

There is a lot to important things to consider when hitting the road for an extended time or fulltime and like a lot of big decisions they deserve serious consideration.  Social media provides you access to an amazing array of blogs and resources that will assist in answering your queries and concerns. 

Do your research, be comfortable with your decision and own it!  You will have doubters, advice offered from multiple people – most who have not even tried it.  By doing your own research, putting in place a solution that will work for you, that’s all that matters.  If you want to do it, work out what it will take and then do it.


Turning dreams to reality

Mindset is an important part of most things you do in life, travelling fulltime is no different.  We have done multiple pack downs of our home for lengthy travels and shorter term travels using annual holidays.

We always knew we wanted the next level!  So, we made a plan to put various investments in place, followed the plan which involved a lot of years working 7 days a week! Reached our goal and hit the road. 

It did take a lot of work, yes it was totally worth it and it’s nice knowing our families financial future is also taken care of.


Where next in worldschooling?

So many exciting adventures ahead for Cake and Eat it 3 we are SO excited!

Currently, we are in Kalgoorlie trying our hand at gold prospecting.  We will head East in the next few months. 

Come May 2019 we are flying back to England where we have a campervan, better known as Betsy and will continue our roadtripping through Southern Europe to Eastern Europe and Morocco!!

In the meantime, we LOVE being home in Australia and even though we have done multiple laps there is always something new to see, visit and enjoy.  It is also great to slow the pace down for a while.

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One well travelled family! Any questions?

Thank you for sharing Cake and Eat It 3. Do you think there is any stopping this Worldschooling family? One month you find them fossicking in Western Australia, the next their off conquering mountains and learning a new language somewhere foreign. Sound familiar? No wonder we get along so well!!!

The Cake and Eat It 3’s website is a treasure trove of wonderful resources and practical information on all things Homeschooling and Worldschooling (after ours of course! LOL). Leanne is an experienced home educator and truly takes pride in sharing the best educational resources and information to other homeschooling or travelling families.


If you met Cake and Eat It 3, what would you ask? Through the powers of the web, you can ask Leanne anyway without even leaving your seat!

Maybe you’re interested in how she manages it all? What the pros and cons are of Worldschooling? Or looking for some new homeschooling inspiration? Don’t be shy. Ask them here. Leanne will respond!


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3 years of full-time travel, 7 different countries, 2 incredible childhoods – and we’re nowhere near done! We wanted to not waste a moment of our kids’ childhood, live a life with no regrets and were prepared to jump out of our comfort level to do it!

We budget, we adventure, and love nothing more than the feeling a fresh adventure and dirt beneath our toes.

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